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Zennio is a global specialist in manufacturing KNX automation solutions. We offer a wide variety of solutions and attractive designs, installed in a large number of flagship projects, nationally and internationally. 

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Islington Square   United Kingdom
Islington Square
Residencial Retiro House   Spain
Residencial Retiro House
La Florida 9   Spain
La Florida 9
Minthis Hills   Cyprus
Minthis Hills
Lexicon Tower   United Kingdom
Lexicon Tower
Residencial Parkeder   Spain
Residencial Parkeder
Residencial Auriga   Spain
Residencial Auriga
Jardines el Juncal   Spain
Jardines el Juncal
Aravaca Garden   Spain
Aravaca Garden
Mediterranean Garden Luxury Villas   Spain
Mediterranean Garden Luxury Villas
Velázquez 29   Spain
Velázquez 29
Marina Plaza   Spain
Marina Plaza
Nou Centre Tarragona   Spain
Nou Centre Tarragona
Torre Camp de Mar   Spain
Torre Camp de Mar
Lux Diagonal   Spain
Lux Diagonal
Edificio Residencial C. Vergós   Spain
Edificio Residencial C. Vergós
Edificio Ramón Más   Spain
Edificio Ramón Más
Luxury Apartment Building. Gran Vía 48   Spain
Luxury Apartment Building. Gran Vía 48
Edifício da Prelada   Portugal
Edifício da Prelada
La Reserve Residence   Belgium
La Reserve Residence
Residencial Playa de San Juan   Spain
Residencial Playa de San Juan
Residential Terraços de S. Pedro   Portugal
Residential Terraços de S. Pedro
Residencia Ormanada   Turkey
Residencia Ormanada
Xavgas Residential Villas. Crete   Greece
Xavgas Residential Villas. Crete
Residencial Monthisa Valdebebas   Spain
Residencial Monthisa Valdebebas
Finca Las Marias by A-cero Tech   Spain
Finca Las Marias by A-cero Tech
Jardines de Valenoso   Spain
Jardines de Valenoso
Residential Building Gran Manzana   Spain
Residential Building Gran Manzana
Residential Building Acantilado   Spain
Residential Building Acantilado
Mestre Nicolau 13   Spain
Mestre Nicolau 13
Residencial Colinas do Cruzeiro   Portugal
Residencial Colinas do Cruzeiro
Quinta do Montelinho   Portugal
Quinta do Montelinho

The references and images of buildings and facilities in this document are shown as examples because they have installed Zennio's products. The images have been obtained from free public access internet sites. Any proprietary of these buildings and facilities shown in this document may ask Zennio to take out of it some of or all their references and images by notifying it in writing via e-mail to, and Zennio will proceed accordingly.