Cookies policy


A cookie is a small piece of data that some platforms, such as websites, may send to the browser of the terminal device (pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.) of the user accessing to that platforms, and that allows them to store and recover some information and typical features of each user visit.

ZENNIO AVANCE Y TECNOLOGIA S.L (hereinafter, “ZENNIO”) uses several types of cookies, (hereinafter, "Cookie/s"), both its own and third-party cookies, on the websites under its ownership (hereinafter, "Website/s"), for the purpose of offering to whom visit them ("User/s") a faster access to the selected contents and a more satisfactory and personalised experience according to their browsing patterns..

Therefore, the use of Cookies allows the Websites to work more efficiently, providing ZENNIO information to improve its services, as well as offering the Users contents, even advertising, more tailored to their interests and preferences.

The User can configure the browser so that it notifies and blocks the installation of Cookies sent from the Websites. Although these settings do not impede the User from accessing the offered services, the quality of the Website functioning may be diminished.

The Users registered on the Websites ("Registered Users") will benefit from a more personalised browsing experience thanks to the usage of Cookies, as well as of the information provided when registering, that will comply with ZENNIO's  Data Protection Policy . The condition of Registered User will be understood without detriment to the right to disable the Cookies in your browser.



There are several types of cookies, that may be classified according to their lifespan, their functions or depending on if they are sent to the Terminal from another terminal or domain managed by the own editor, from the one that is providing the service requested by the user ("Own Cookie/s") or if they are sent to the Terminal from another terminal or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another third party ("Third-party Cookie/s").

The lifespan of the cookies may vary.

  •  Session cookies, will be erased when the user closes the browser or after a limited period of time;
  •  Permanent or persistent cookies, are a type of cookies in which the gathered data remain stored in the Terminal and are only erased when the purpose of their existence has been met, or if someone proceed to remove them.

ZENNIO uses Session cookies, since they are essential for the correct functioning of the websites, for the purpose of offering a proper management of the open session to the User and to allow him to navigate through the different pages of the website steadily without having to provide, for example, the language preferences or location again. If these Cookies were disabled, many of the available services will not be operative. ZENNIO also uses Permanent or persistent cookies, its own or third-party cookies, so that the browsing experience of the Users would be as much satisfactory and adequate as possible.

 Cookies can also be classified according to their purpose: 

  •  Performance Cookies store information about the user preferences with regard to the tools used, for example, language or volume, in order to avoid configuring them every time accessing the platform;
  •  Registration Cookies avoid the user that has signed up in a platform having to register again so that the platform itself will recognised him automatically as long as the session remains open. If the user closes the session, he should have to identify himself again providing user and password. This feature is useful to check that the user is authorised to access certain services or, for example, to take part in a competition;
  •  Geolocation Cookies allow identifying, totally anonymously, the country from which the user is connecting in order to provide him with the most relevant information, taking into account his location;
  •  Functionality Cookies allow creating a list of terms from the searches made by the user. They can also be used to remind legal notices that the user has accepted or the data provided in a form;
  •  Cookies to share (or Sharing Cookies) allow sharing elements from the websites on other web pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Google;
  •  Analytics Cookies, through tools such as Google Adsense or Analytics, allow collecting data automatically for statistics purposes such as the type of browser, operating system used, number of visits, average time employed in the website, visited web pages. These cookies allow quantifying the number of visitors, as well as analysing statistically the usage made by the users of the services from the websites;
  •  Advertising Cookies allow determining which are the user interests according to his browsing patterns in order to provide him with promotional offers that may be of interest. A subtype of them are Behavioural advertising cookies that allow storing information about the user browsing through the same browsing session, showing advertisings directly related to his interests or his previous searches in other websites.

ZENNIO uses its own and third-party Cookies of the following types:




Purpose and lifespan


First party

Stores the information of the session

Performance, session


First party

Saves the preferences in the consent of analytics cookies of our website

Performance, persistent


First party

Saves the preferences in the consent of Sharethis cookies, needed for the access to share contents on the website

Performance,  persistent


First party

Stores the preferences in the consent of cookies strictly needed in our website (no changeable).

Performance,  persistent





Third party (Google Analytics)

We take anonymous statistics about your usage of this website to improve your experience. For this purpose, we use Google Analytics software. This software installs the following cookies: __utma, __utmb, __utmc and __utmz (and it also may install other ones from the __utm family)

Analytic, persistent


Third party (

ShareThis is used to allow you to share contents in social networks.

Sharing, persistent

The companies which generate these third-party Cookies on our website have their own policies in the matter of cookies and data protection. Nowadays, the websites manage third-party Cookies from the following companies:



The Users of the websites may allow, block or erase the Cookies installed in their Terminal by configuring the options in their Internet browser. For example, with regard to the most common browsers, Cookies can be managed from the following links:

As aforementioned, the fact of disabling Cookies, even though it does not impede the User from accessing the services and contents on the websites, the quality of the Website functioning may well be diminished.

For more information about the usage of Cookies that we make, you could send an email to