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Zennio has been offering the latest home technology for the last 18 years. New systems and solutions reduce energy consumption by optimising management of heating, cooling, lighting or shading and using energy monitoring devices that increase energy efficiency and reduce cut energy bills. Moreover, these systems can be easily controlled, from anywhere and at anytime via smartphones and tablets.

This same technology is used in larger installations such as hotels of office buildings, where integrated management systems help minimise energy consumption. In a similar way these devices take over some functions and provide reliable data regarding what happens in the building, supported by access control systems, video intercom or sensors.

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All these advantages make more people choose to upgrade their homes and companies with smart building solutions that will allow them to better control certain aspects in their houses or workplaces. In Zennio, we have one of the largest catalogues in the market, covering both products and services. From KNX products for lighting, heating, cooling, sensors, switches or multimedia to video intercom and electrical accessories that will make your space even smarter.

If you are thinking about a better workplace or residence, we will be very glad to help you through the transformation process via our excellent customer service. We will advise on your project in every stage and you will be able to fully design and personalise some of our products, such as our capacitive touch switches. Check our wide catalogue!