KNX system - KNX Power Supplies


KNX power supply 320mA with ancillary power supply 29VDC. Vin: 110VAC

REF: ZN1PS-320MPA110

KNX System Power Supply with additional 29VDC output. Maximum current 320mA (KNX bus plus additional output consumption). Reset button and overload status LED, shortcircuit and overload protection. 110V~ 50/60Hz input voltage. Size: 80 x 90 x 60 mm (4.5 DIN rail units).



IMPORTANT NOTE: The production of this product, ZPS320MPA110 , has been discontinued, since it has been replaced by ZPS320HIC110 (Ref. ZPS-320HIC110), including the same and even greater functionality. However, this discontinued device counts on all the support that may be required: datasheet, databases, spare parts and technical support

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