Sensors - Motion

EyeZen RF 868

KNX RF motion detector for ceiling mounting (868 MHz)


KNX RF motion detector for recessed ceiling installation. Wireless installation with a 360º and up to 6 meters in diameter detection area. 1 channel for telegram sending on motion detection events. Sensitivity can be adjusted to meet detection requirements. 1/2AA battery powered with up to 3 years duration. Low battery notification. Available in white (ref. ZPDEZRF868W) and anthracite (ref. ZPDEZRF868A).

Transmission frequency election will depend on the country where the device is installed. 868 MHz is typically used in european countries.

Application Program ETS

Solo para ETS5/ETS6 (Ver Aviso).


Actualizar el ETS5/ETS6 con la última versión para poder importar el producto.