Lighting - DALI lighting

DALI BOX Broadcast 4CH v2

KNX-DALI Broadcast Interface for up to 4 channels with up to 64 ballasts each


KNX-DALI broadcast interface module for DIN rail mounting (4.5 units). It incorporates 4 channels controlled via broadcast commands, including color ballasts (DT8). It allows to connect up to 250 ballasts per device, and they can be associated as whished with up to 64 ballasts per channel. In addition, it allows the configuration of 20 scenes/sequences per channel. It is compatible with KNX Secure. It enables manual control and has LED status indicators per channel.

Application Program ETS

Only for ETS4/ETS5/ETS6 (see Warning).

Technical Documentation


Update ETS4/ETS5/ETS6 with the last version to be able to import the product.