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Z70 v2

Color capacitive touch panel with 7" display.


Color capacitive touch panel with 7" display for total control in smart homes and hotel rooms in a minimalist aesthetic environment. The built-in proximity sensor makes the screensaver appear when the touch panel is not being used and the luminosity sensor adjusts the brightness automatically. Z70 v2 incorporates an internal temperature probe, 2 thermostats and 4 analog-digital inputs. It includes USB and Ethernet port for program update. Installation in European/British standard double back box.

Advanced features can be activated with the following licenses:

  • Smartphone Control License – Remote control from smartphones and tablets through a mobile app:
    • Ref. 8500006 - Virtual License
    • Ref. ZLIC70RCBX - Box License
  • Video Intercom License – Integration with the video intercom Zennio GetFace IP:
    • Ref. 8500007 - Virtual License
    • Ref. ZLIC70VPBX - Box License
  • ZenVoice License – Voice Control License. Remote Control License is needed (Ref. ZLIC70RCB/8500006):
    • Ref. 8500008 - Virtual License
    • Ref. ZLICZVBX - Box License

Licenses Generation tool: Zennio License Manager

Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.

  • Z70_DER_ENEG_TD_screensaver_date_hour.png
  • Z70_DER_EBLA_TC_Screenshot_001_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EBLA_TC_20200914B_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EBLA_TC_20200914C_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EBLA_TC_Screenshot_004_DIS_ES.png
  • Z70_DER_EGRI_TC_20191128B_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EGRI_TC_Captura_211220_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EGRI_TD_20200914E_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EGRI_TC_Screenshot_001_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EGRI_TD_20200914F_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_ENEG_TD_20191128D_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_ENEG_TC_Captura_211220_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_ENEG_TD_20200914A_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_ENEG_TD_Screenshot_003_DIS_ES.png
  • Z70_DER_EBLA_TC_graph_temperature_13_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_EGRI_TD_graph_temperature_06_EN.png
  • Z70_DER_ENEG_TD_20200914F_EN.png

Application Program ETS

Only for ETS5/ETS6 (see Warning)

To update Z70 v2, it is necessary to download the ETS application program and also update the firmware with the corresponding version. Older versions.


Update ETS5/ETS6 with the last version in order to be able to import the product.