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Capacitive touch panel with a 4.1” display


Capacitive touch panel with a backlit 4.1" display, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and two independent thermostats. 56 control points/buttons divided over 7 pages. The built-in proximity sensor makes the screensaver (image, time and date and/or temperature) appear when the touch panel is not being used and the luminosity sensor adjusts the brightness automatically. 4 analog-digital inputs included to be configured as binary inputs, sensors, push buttons, temperature probes or motion detectors.

Installation in standard European, Italian, Australian and American back boxes.
Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.
Available in anthracite, silver, white and gloss white.

  • Z40_DER_HOR_EBLA_clima_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_FRO_HOR_EBLA_ilu_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_IZQ_HOR_EBLA_reposo_370x361.png
  • Z40_DER_HOR_EBLAB_ilu_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_FRO_HOR_EBLAB_reposo_370x361.png
  • Z40_IZQ_HOR_EBLAB_clima_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_DER_HOR_EGRI_reposo_370x361.png
  • Z40_FRO_HOR_EGRI_clima_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_IZQ_HOR_EGRI_ilu_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_DER_HOR_ENEG_clima_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_FRO_HOR_ENEG_ilu_EN_370x361.png
  • Z40_IZQ_HOR_ENEG_reposo_370x361.png

Application Program ETS

Only for ETS5 (see Warning)


Update ETS5 with the last version in order to be able to import the product.