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Touch Controller Roll-ZAS


Roll-ZAS Touch controller is a great solution for demanding applications in hotel rooms and apartments. Roll-ZAS is able to manage climate, audio, shutters, lights… and all through an intuitive and modern touch panel. Roll-ZAS includes an infrared receiver that allows controlling the functionality from a distance, as well as a temperature sensor and thermostat function.. At the rear, Roll-ZAS has two digital/analog inputs that allow the connection of additional temperature probes, switches/sensors or motion detectors. Available colors: black, silver and white. Optional IR remote control.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The production of this product, ZAS, has been discontinued, since it has been replaced by TMD-Display View (Ref. ZVI-TMDV) and Z35 (Ref. ZVI-Z35), including the same and even greater functionality. However, this discontinued device counts on all the support that may be required: manuals, databases, spare parts and technical support