Products - Capacitive Touch Switches

Flat XL X4/X6/X8/X10

Customisable backlit capacitive touch switches in the Flat family with proximity sensor and flat design (9 mm) in XL format

REF: ZVIFXLX4/6/8/10

Create unique designs, including images, icons, texts or logos printed on tempered glass. 4, 6, 8 or 10-button versions available all with backlit icons that adapt according to ambient luminosity and proximity sensor. Flat XL 4/6/8/10 incorporates an internal temperature probe and thermostat, as well as 2 analog-digital inputs to be configured as binary inputs, sensors, push buttons, temperature probes or motion detectors. Installation in European, Italian, Australian, American or British standard back box. Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor. Available models: Standard White/Gloss White/Black/Silver or Customised.

On-line application for designing your own Capacitive Switch
  • FXLX8_DER_HOR_EBLA_CUS_IMG_FC0359a_010705142010202_P_370x361.png
  • FXLX8_DER_VER_EGRI_CUS_0107051420202_L_370x361.png
  • FXLX8_DER_HOR_ENEG_STD_L_370x361.png
  • FXLX10_DER_VER_EGRI_CUS_0107051420202_L_370x361.png
  • FXLX10_DER_HOR_EBLAB_CUS_0107051420102_IMG_FC0352_P_370x361.png
  • FXLX6_DER_VER_EBLAB_CUS_010705142010202_P_370x361.png
  • FXLX6_DER_HOR_ENEG_CUS_IMG_FC0354_010705142010202_P_370x361.png
  • FXLX6_DER_VER_EGRI_STD_L_370x361.png
  • FXLX4_DER_HOR_EGRI_CUS_IMG_FC0350_010705142010202_P_370x361.png
  • FXLX4_DER_VER_ENEG_CUS_0107051420202_L_370x361.png


Update ETS5/ETS6 with the last version in order to be able to import the product.