Z38 vs. Z38i

What is the Z38i?

Z38i is the continuation of the touch panel INZennio Z38, which will replace the Z38. This change has been caused by the modification, from our supplier, of the Z38 display controller because the previous one is obsolete. Moreover, this fact involves the carrying out of certain changes in the application program that also includes some novelties

Which characteristics are different in Z38i from Z38?

The new characteristics that have been included in the Z38i are:

  • The input communication objects can be linked to output communication objects of the same device without using internal links.
  • The 4 binary inputs have been modified in order to be used both as conventional buttons or switches.
  • The object Modes related to Clima has been updated according to standard KNX
  • The display controller is different, due to the Z38 display is no longer under production.
  • Simplification of the device configuration in ETS

Where can I find the information related to each panel?

At the website, each panel will have its section as independent products where all the information related to the panel can be found.

Is the Z38 application program compatible with Z38i?

No, there is a specific application program for Z38i which is not compatible with Z38, and vice versa.

Will the Z38 application program go on being updated?

The Z38 application program will go on being supported and the bugs that may occur will be corrected.

How do I differentiate between a Z38 and a Z38i?

The panel serigraphy indicates us if the panel is a Z38 or a Z38i.

Moreover we can check the serial number, since the panels from serial number 10AAD are Z38i, or the product code.

Could the Clima pages be linked to Home page in the Z38i, as we did with Z38?

In the Z38i, the parameter “Linked to” used to link the Home Boxes to specific boxes in Clima pages has disappeared. However, Home boxes can be linked to boxes in specific pages linking the corresponding communication objects by means of group addresses.

Why have the internal links been removed?

The management of the new controller demands more memory resources. As the communication between objects of the same device is now allowed, the internal links are not needed anymore and we can have the necessary memory for the controller management.

What does it happen if the display of my Z38 breaks?

We have enough stock for covering possible repairs during a long period of time.