Differences between Luzen Plus and Luzen ONE

What is Luzen PLUS?

Luzen PLUS is a step forward in the evolution of our (1 channel, 400W) Luzen ONE dimmer. Luzen PLUS (ZN1DI-P400) has been subject to hardware updates regarding the Luzen ONE (ZN1DI-4001).

What is the main difference between Luzen ONE and Luzen PLUS?

Luzen PLUS offers auto load detection in the dimmer channel while in the Luzen ONE this has to be manually set by a specific parameter included in the application program.

Moreover, Luzen Plus control dimmable CFL and LED lamps with the version of application program Luzen Plus 3.0 or higher.

Do the clamps or the wiring change in the Luzen PLUS?

No, both the clamp and the wiring are identical in the Luzen ONE as well as in the PLUS.

Why does the "load type" parameter disappear?

Due to the hardware update carried out in the Luzen Plus, this is now able to automatically detect the type of load so that the specific parameter is not needed any more.

How can I tell if my dimmer is a  Luzen ONE or a Luzen PLUS?

The own silkscreening in the device shows if it is a Luzen ONE or a Luzen PLUS.

In addition, the product code is different:

Luzen ONE code: ZN1DI-4001,

Luzen PLUS code: ZN1DI-P400.

Will you still support the Luzen ONE application program?

Yes, the Luzen ONE application program will be normally supported, all the files and info regarding this product will be available in its web section.

Is the Luzen ONE application program compatible with the Luzen PLUS?

No, the Luzen ONE has a specific application program which is not compatible with the Luzen PLUS, and vice versa.

Where can I find info regarding these two products?

In www.zennio.com, every device is covered in different sections , just like two different products , where you can find all the info regarding both.