Demand more from your home or business.

The new advance in Digital Home control.

Z41 is able to manage every feature of your home — from temperature to lighting.

Start enjoying yourself now!

Imagine yourself enjoying your home having everything under control.

Sober, elegant and the perfect size to give the prominence to your decor.

Choose between white, silver and anthracite. As for the internal menu, the options are white, blue, black, red, dark blue or green.

Landscape or portrait, which orientation do you prefer?

Who is calling you?

Z41 COM is integrated with the video intercom so that you can manage calls from the same panel. Otherwise, the call will be forwarded to your smartphone wherever you are.

Do you want more?

Z41 adapts to you.

Program your climate system using the incorporated chronothermostat or create macros and scenes according to your liking, with no help other than the one of your index finger.

Download the Z41 Remote APP and bring it with yourself wherever you go.

Z41 Remote is an exact replica of your Z41 so that you can keep controlling the same functionallity from your iOS or Android mobile devices. You can even receive alarms that may be triggered in your home or business and take action immediately.