Elegance and simplicity.

Flat series.

Z35 complements the Flat family in environments where more functionality per room is needed, keeping this way a coherent aesthetic in your projects.


Respecting your own style.

Its simple lines combine with any design, while it is an ornamental element by itself.

Take advantage of your creativity.

Tecnology should emphasise your likings and meet your requirements without imposing any limitations.

Your small details are what matter.

Z35 has been designed to stand out in any environment.

7 pages,42 controls.Endless possibilities.

Exploring the environment.

Z35 measures the ambient luminosity level so that it can adjust its brightness accordingly.

Sensor de luminosidad.Sensor de proximidad.

Detecta tu proximidad para activarse poniendo a tu disposición toda la funcionalidad.

Z35 represents the perfect involvement between size, aesthetic and functionality.