Marc and Alessandra

Marc and Alessandra met three years ago at a racetrack when a mutual friend introduced them. A love at first sight that remains intact to this day. They are passionate about cinema, enjoy good cuisine and love travelling to experience the most beautiful corners of the world, staying in singular hotels that are highly ranked by the web. They greatly value aesthetics, comfort, attentive service and the connectivity necessary to continue sharing with their friends and family. This is the story they are interested in.

Alessandra has a very special relationship with her mother, so, just after entering the room and getting comfortable, thanks to the instant connection that she greatly appreciates, she describes the details of the trip and sends several photos of her surroundings to share every experience with her.

However, Marc prefers to experiment, even more so if there is technology within his reach, exploring the limits of what he is able to control until everything is to his liking. He is a great fan of photography and is therefore very demanding in terms of illumination.

Once everything is under control and to his taste, while Alessandra chooses with her tablet the content that they are going to enjoy on TV, Marc is seduced by a beer from the minibar to quench the thirst caused by travelling after first getting comfortable too.

Although Alessandra has ordered a snack through her tablet from room service, the chef has written regarding her gluten intolerance, in order to be sure of applying the correct recipe. Alessandra will rank his work through the Tablet, the chef knows this and focusses on giving his best. The hotel manager is happy to know the opinions of his clients to help take the appropriate action, that in this case will be congratulations.

Marc has gone down to the gym, where he had booked time from his smartphone to make sure the treadmill is free. In the meantime, Alessandra finds time to be alone and relax. Both know that they have to look for those moments in which to miss each other.

When comfort is achieved in a hotel room, technology becomes transparent and guests only find relaxation and harmony. On returning to the room, Marc finds Alessandra in that state and he decides not to interrupt her dream.

It´s time to make plans for the night; meanwhile they enjoy the view and the hustle and bustle of the street that seems to be calling them.

They have decided to go to a Japanese restaurant. Marc is not enthusiastic about Japanese food but the hotel entertainment system shows a very high rating, so they decide to try their luck again, as Alessandra is a big fan of this type of cuisine.

Alessandra is not excessively dressy, even so, she will spend a good while getting ready to go out for dinner. Accessories and mirrors are important for her to be able to check every detail, also thanks to the well-considered illumination. Meanwhile Marc, admiring her constantly, will take an energizing shower to be on top form the rest of the day.