David and María

David and María have always wanted to live in a house with all the comforts, without compromising the design, which was in line with their lifestyle, very conditioned by the intense professional activity of both and of course by Laura, the best fruit of their life together. This is the story they are interested in.

David is a journalist but his great hobby is cuisine. He prepares his creations for friends and family with great success and the occasional disastrous failure. He works both at home and abroad, depending on the type of report he is involved in, as a result he likes to savour the moments when they are all together because they are quite rare.

María is an analyst in a financial consultancy, so she travels frequently. Her hobbies include music and theater, where she collaborates in some local performances as an actress. Laura, the little girl of the house follows in the footsteps of her mother and besides being crazy about technology, like all the children of these times, she takes guitar lessons and sneaks in some shows with María.

With this lifestyle, the family needs a very functional home with the technology necessary to make everything very easy from any location.

Every year, they make a journey during a couple of weeks to some destination, each time more distant,, thanks to which Laura is increasingly independent. They have yet to decide on where to go this year. Some options are Portugal, the west coast of the United States and the Baltic countries, hmm, difficult choice.

An essential requirement for them was to be able to control their home from anywhere in the world through their smartphones and tablets because they cannot always ensure that they will be at home. They even receive calls from their video door phone on their mobile wherever they are, as well as if there is a technical alarm at home, which gives them a greater sense of security.

David is the person who spends the most time with Laura at home, which has caused a very special relationship to form between them. Sometimes they review the school’s lessons in front of the mirror because David knows how important it is for Laura to learn public speaking during her childhood.

At the end of the day when they’re both at home and not travelling, it is time to share thoughts and make plans for the future, although they consider that they have fulfilled many of their dreams and this makes them feel happy.

Final adjustments before going to sleep. A new day full of activity begins tomorrow and they need a restful sleep to perform at their best. It is also Laura’s birthday who has invited her best friends. Will David succeed in cooking the giant chocolate cake he has promised her as a gift?