Now available Square TMD-Display, the new capacitive touch panel totally customizable from Zennio

Zennio keeps  expanding its range of customizable KNX capacitive touch panels with the launch of the new capacitive room controller 'Square TMD-Display'; an innovative, modern, and functional solution designed to become the 'heart of energy efficiency' of KNX projects.

Square TMD-Display (Ref: ZVI-SQTMDD) is a multifunctional KNX room controller totally customizable that creates the desired aesthetic impression in any ambience and allows energy consumption reduction in around 40% due to its advanced functionalities.

It is a capacitive bespoke room controller with 5 multifunction buttons fully configurable, LEDs to indicate user pulsations or status, and a 1.8” backlighted display. Square TMD-Display has been designed to control hotel rooms, apartments, offices, homes, buildings, and in general, any place where is required managing and controlling systems of air conditioning, heating, zoning, lighting, blinds, presence detection, audio, video, and so on.

Unlike other conventional room controllers, Square TMD-Display is very versatile and allows aesthetics (own pictures, icons, texts….) and functionalities customization, which in turn both lead to entirely fitting in different projects, individual design requirements,  and author’s work.

The new device from the Spanish KNX manufacturer includes advanced thermostat function, internal temperature probe, and two analog/digital inputs, as well as, a fully configurable display with up to 8 static and dynamic indicators.

Square TMD-Display offers the possibility to activate the ‘Eco" function’ for thermostats to delve intentionally into energy saving by adapting the set points to technical energy saving recommendations and using different operating parameters.

Zennio has designed an elegant KNX capacitive touch panel, with exquisite quality in its soft-touch finishes and excellent smooth rounded edges, fully customizable, and easy to use due to its 5 direct buttons on the panel. Square TMD-Display provides users maximum comfort and high levels of energy savings, transforming spaces into high performance properties.

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