Zennio updates its brochure with renewed designs and innovative KNX solutions.

Zennio has updated its brochure with a renewed offer of designs and innovative KNX solutions. 

The catalog begins by presenting the KNX capacitive switch, Touch-MyDesign, which has managed to reinvent the design concept of touch screens in an unconventional manner since it allows architects, installers, developers, hoteliers, users, and so forth, to fully customize the keypad and create a tailor-made solution for each project accordingly.

Certainly a substantial shift in the concept to which prestigious international designers have already joined and incorporated this solution, Touch-MyDesign , into their reference projects, such as the luxury apartments 'Gran Via 48' by the renowned architect ‘Rafael de La- Hoz’, or the housing development 'Finca Las Marias ' by the well-known architect ‘Joaquin Torres’.

They all have been captivated by this glossy glass touch panel which adds a pleasant sensation with nicely rounded off smooth corners, and customization capabilities aimed at innovative minds that require to combine technology and design.

In addition, the Version 3.0 of the KNX color touch panel, InZennio Z41, definitely transforms the concept of smart home and building automation, by creating, under a compact and charming design, a modern device that certainly adds a plus of style to any room. The touch panel will also include in the coming months the possibility of remote control from smartphones and tablets, displaying the energy consumption levels from these devices or from the same panel. Some of the best hotels in the world such as the ‘ME London’ Hotel, designed by Mr. ‘Norman Foster’ are already fitted with InZennio Z41.

The catalog also extends its range of KNX solutions with the latest product launches, such as the Line Coupler, KNX USB programmer, the new Power Supply (640mA ) , KES energy saving, or the LED lighting control range, Lumento X3 and X4 , which have recently been installed in the ' Citti Park Shopping Centre ' (Germany) , as a referenced project within the framework of 'Green Building' with more than 80 devices.

The brochure results in an amazing KNX offering from a consolidated KNX specialist manufacturer, which combines design, functionality, and quality, where it is evident the current company slogan “Passion for KNX Innovation ". 

Download the new brochure here.

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